The Return


The days are long and the air is filled with the clamor of daily life. The people of the River Kingdoms go about their lives as usual, content in this time of peace. Unbeknownst to the world, an ancient evil not seen for ten thousand years is stirring deep below the ground. It’s name has been lost to the ages and the destruction it once caused as it brought the world to the very brink of destruction is nothing more than a bard’s tale. If Golarion is to have any hope of surviving, it will be up to a brave band of heroes to take up the mantle and fight for the survival of all life in the material plane.

Welcome to the River Kingdoms

Building Your Character

Characters will start at Level 1 and will begin in the River Kingdoms region of Golarion. We will be using standard 20 point buy for stats and each character will have to choose two Traits from the wiki page. Characters can originate from the River Kingdoms or anywhere else from the Inner Sea region of Golarion.
Here is a listing of available Races to play in this campaign. Monstrous races are not available. All races could be from any city. To give you an idea of the racial spread in the River Kingdoms, the most common cities by race are:

  • Dwarf – Mivon (6%), Daggermark (1%)
  • Elves – Hymbria (99%), Mivon (6%), Maashinelle (5%), Pitax (3%)
  • Gnome – Maashinelle (8%), Artume (7%), Uringen (5%/2%), Sevenarches (4%), Mivon (2%)
  • Half Elf – Maashinelle (11%), Uringen (12%/9%), Riverton (9%), Artume (4%), Cordelon (2%), Gralton (2%)
  • Halfling – Avendale (9%), Gralton (7%), Fort Liberthane (4%), Pitax (4%), Sevenarches (2%)
  • Half Orc – Tymon (12%), Artume (2%)
  • HumanALL (85%+)

Some areas have special schools, or really cater to grooming certain classes, but you can find a mixture of every class in every city:

  • Artume (N) – All Classes
  • Cordelon (N) – Ranger, Druid, Fighter, Sorcerer
  • Daggermark (CN) – Rogue, Fighter, Wizard
  • Gralton (CN) – All Classes
  • Hymbria (N) – Elves All Classes
  • Mashinelle (NE) – All Classes
  • Liberthane (LG) – Paladin, Fighter, Wizard, Cleric
  • Mivon (CN) – Fighter, Rogue
  • Pitax (CN) – Bard (The Academy of Grand Arts), Rogue, Fighter, Wizard
  • The Protectorate of the Black Marquis (CN) – Rogue, Fighter
  • Riverton (CN) – Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Sorcerer
  • Sevenarches (N) – Druid, Ranger, Fighter
  • Touvette (LN) – Fighter (Conscription), Paladin, Cleric
  • Tymon (LN) – Fighter (Valknar Gladiatorial College), Rogue, Barbarian, Monk
  • Uringen – Unstuck (CN) – Wizard, Sorcerer
  • Uringen – Static (LN) – All Classes (Druid, Ranger, Herbalists, Alchemists)

As you make your character, please provide me with the following information:

  1. Your Race (if human, specify which race) from the Races section of the wiki
  2. Choose 2 Traits from the Traits section of the wiki
  3. Choose a Class from those available in the wiki
  4. Any skills you want to focus on during the campaign
  5. Your Name
  6. The names and species of any Pets or Familiars you have
  7. Your character’s background

Ideally each player should write a few paragraphs about their character’s background. It will be both beneficial to me as I can incorporate more important story elements catering to each player’s character and to you or any other player as reference to what makes your character who they are. Things to consider including in your background are as follows:

  • Birthplace
  • Childhood
  • Friends and Family (if any)
  • Occupation and/or Skills
  • Motivations and Goals
  • Fears and/or Problems
  • Connections to other PC’s if desired

I will meet with each of you individually to help formulate a background for your character and tell you what your character would know about the city/area you grew up in as well as what you would know about the area you start the campaign in. Background creation will be very flexible as I want all of you to be able to create whatever kind of character you enjoy playing. The above list is more of a suggestion as to what you can include but the more you can add about your character in the background the better. I am sure you will find that more information will make it easier for you to get behind the character you are playing and will in turn lead to a more enjoyable experience (not to mention making it easier for me as well to fit you in more to the story and the world around you). Writing a few paragraphs may seem like a lot to ask but I believe you will find that once you start writing it will be easy to keep going as you get more invested in your character. Not to mention, this campaign won’t be starting for quite some time so there is plenty of time to come up with something fun and unique. If you need help with any part of character creation or background I encourage you to come to me with any questions you might have. I am looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with and I hope this will be a fun experience for everyone as that is the ultimate goal!

The Return

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